9-22-17 Pathfinder 0 vs Ware 65

September 22, 2017

Our W & R Collectable Players of the Game

Ware: Hunter Millier & Ryan Johnson

Pathfinder: Dante Anderson


9-8-17 Monument Mt. 38 vs Pathfinder 0

September 8, 2017


W&R Collectables Unlimited

Player of the Game

Donovan Manzaro


1-19-2017 Granby 69 vs Ware 50 Boys HSBB & Wayne Higney Tribute

January 19, 2017

This tribute podcast to our friend and colleague, Wayne Higney, is very special to those of us who work at Real Oldies 1250, WARE.

We were priviledged to have been able to work on high school football and basketball with Wayne.  He was always organized and was never at a loss for words.

He will be deeply missed!  Thank You Wayne.


The WARE Sports Team

Andy Bukowski

Ryan Mulligan

Brian St. Onge

Jocelyn St. Onge

Bruce Marshall

Andrew Underwood

Barry Underwood



The Dean's automotive Player of the Game: Devin Slattery - 24 Points

Ryan Mulligan's Honorable Mention: Wayne Higney